• Candace Coakley

Run, Red, Run!

This is Red. Seriously? How does she do it, year after year? I am grateful to have a bestie that is so powerful and persistent. She runs rain or shine, freeze or balm. She's been dedicated to her running passion since the first day I met her freshman year at BC. She ate bananas, I was into sugary treats. I've run the course (vicariously) for three decades. In 1991, #old, I bought Boston Chicken when she was ravenous after her first pre-marathon run. She devoured two birds down to the bone. I drove her to Hopkinton, then went and did nothing for a bunch of hours until I found her (without cell phones) somewhere -- not at the finish line. She is a force. The thrill of running along Comm Ave, Heartbreak Hill never gets old! For anyone, especially spectators like me.

Every year, I’m the “driver” for this red-headed beauty who comes to Boston and runs the Boston Marathon. This pic is at her 30th marathon on Monday, April 18, 2022. The sunshiny day that's been hailed as a Boston comeback. Rain or shine, pandemic or hangover, I’ve been her wingman for most of them. I’ve chauffeured her to the start line in Hopkinton and cheered her on in Copley Square since college. I can’t stand running, but I love supporting Red. It’s the equivalent of book coaching. I would rather coach writers to victory and cheer them across the finish line than run/write myself. I know how difficult it is to write a book or run a marathon. I’m so proud that Red finished 26.2 strong once again! Here's to the next 30!