• Candace Coakley

Two Truths & a Lie

QUESTION: What’s a creative way to get to know people in any situation?

Two Truths & a Lie is one of my favorite icebreakers. It spices up any dinner party, long car ride, or business meeting. Here’s one version of the game.

The following fun facts about me are all true…except for one. See if you can determine which one is the lie. Please send me your Two (or more) Truths & a Lie so I can get to know you, too.

  • I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

  • I was almost named RoseBud after my grandmothers, Rose and Buddy.

  • I have many nicknames including Candy, Candancer, and MommyPants.

  • During college, I worked for The New York Times as campus stringer.

  • I jumped off the 40-foot cliff at Rick’s Café in Negril, Jamaica.

  • I memorized Strunk & White’s Elements of Style while backpacking around Europe.

  • I painted nude models in Florence, Italy.

  • I pushed Tom Brady in the pool at the Shore Club in South Beach, Florida.

  • I danced Merengue with Felix in Caracas, Venezuela.

  • I have an uncanny ability to obtain any parking spot.

  • My favorite movie is Il Postino.

  • I went on a blind date and made him take the Myers Briggs personality test, twice.

  • Same date proposed one year later on the Aeolian Island of Salina, Italy.

  • I sold one of my original paintings at a café in Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • My family serendipitously rescued a dog on the ride home from Lake Placid, New York.

Think you know which one isn’t true? Send me your best guess to find out if you’re right.

Thanks for playing!


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