Between Hope and Despair

Today, more than ever, my life vacillates between Hope and despair. Hope is the name of my loving Lab/Beagle mix who rescued our family five years ago. Despair is that creepy, ominous feeling of doom and gloom that we all want to escape. 

Glennon Doyle's mantra "We can do hard things" resonates as I attempt to reboot this half-ass blog, which I've avoided for years.

Her positive mindset applies to so many areas of my existence, especially in the time of Coronavirus. I've written volumes for most of my life, but honestly, I prefer being behind the scenes. I know, I know, further reason to push out of my comfort zone.


I understand and respect the intimacy of sharing a part of yourself through the written word, whether it's fiction or nonfiction. Writing is my passion, and I've never been afraid to do the hard work; sharing it is another matter. Ultimately, I prefer helping others excavate the truth.  

I love motivating clients to set and achieve their writing goals. In the spirit of conquering my fears, I'll give blogging another go, sharing ideas, stories, writing resources, and life lessons. Advice and encouragement are always welcome.