"A word after a word after a word is power."

― Margaret Atwood

Words are power.

Candace Coakley partners with clients at every stage of the writing process,

from clarifying ideas to polishing finished drafts, in order to achieve powerful results.

Whether you're a high school student agonizing over your college application essays 

or an aspiring author ready to share your writing, Candace will help harness your voice

to produce meaningful work with maximum impact.

Artwork by Katherine Coakley


College Essay Coaching

An exceptional college application essay has the ability to make a high school student stand out in a crowded pool of qualified candidates. Candace teaches students how to write essays that use their authentic voice, showcase their talents and personalities, and increase acceptance rates. 

Creative Writing

No one should write in a vacuum. In order to tell their story in the most creative and transcendent way, writers need collaborative feedback from a professional. Candace specializes in providing manuscript coaching, editing, and consultation for fiction and nonfiction projects including novels, business books, memoirs, and personal essays.  

Business Communication

Bad writing may have overtaken the Twitterverse, but it doesn't have to impact your business. It's critical for an organization to build their brand across multiple communication channels. Candace works closely with companies to refine communications strategies and materials, shaping the message and improving the bottom line.    

For more than twenty-five years, I've honed the ability to communicate clearly and authentically.


I thrive on helping writers of all abilities express themselves. Whether working with an individual or a business, I collaborate with clients to craft distinctive and compelling content that speaks directly to their target audience.    


Fostering powerful communication is my life's work. I love helping others refine and communicate their story. There's nothing more rewarding than transforming an original idea or draft into an exceptional piece of writing. No matter the genre, I maintain the writer's authentic voice and style. As a professional editor, I hold myself to the highest standards of accuracy and integrity. 


My philosophy is straightforward: Dig deep and get to the heart of the matter. Whether writing, editing, or coaching, I love the transformative nature of words. I’ve experienced the phenomenon of watching an idea morph into a written masterwork countless times throughout my career. It never gets old. I support writers at all stages: those with an idea, those with a first draft, and those with a complete manuscript who want to get published.   


I love working as a college essay coach because I am passionate about nurturing young leaders who hold the key to our future. As communications director for City Year, I had the privilege of working closely with corps members, teaching them how to share their inspiring messages on a national platform. I've also led various public health initiatives and worked as an advocate to stop violence against women. My professional journey has been varied and rewarding. Working behind the scenes to help others communicate effectively and reach their goals, both on the page and in their lives, is my mission. 


I look forward to hearing your story and helping you share it with the world. 


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National Association of Independent Writers and Editors


Higher Education Consultants Association

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Grub Street Creative Writing Center


Wow Writing Workshop’s College Essay Institute, Partners Program

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Candace can assist with writing needs of any scope or size. She specializes in
college essay coaching, business communication, and creative writing.
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