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C R E A T E   or  e l s e . . .

Welcome to my blog, an eclectic collection of thoughts about reading, writing, creating, and living a mindful life. I've spent a lifetime pursuing artistic expression and I want to pay it forward with proven ways to enhance your writing and capitalize on the blood, sweat, and tears of your individual creative process. One of my favorite parts of being a book coach is learning from other creatives.

Create or else... is my way of sharing how to take what's tough or toxic and transmute it into art--on the page, on the canvas, in your life. The "or else" part has wildly different ramifications for each our us. Maya Angelou calls it "the agony of bearing an untold story inside you." 

"Better out than in," is a phrase that both Shrek and Cezanne have used for their own purpose. Create or else... represents the freedom of living your truth and expressing your full range of emotions even when it's messy or difficult. Even if you never share the raw material but instead transform it into a stunning piece of writing or art that fosters deep emotions. I've learned this lesson the hard way throughout my life, most recently, six years ago, when my body shut down in chronic pain. By addressing the root cause of my PTSD and embracing mind-body healing, I overcame fibromyalgia and rebooted my life. While healing, I created art and wrote my truth. I'm currently in the (lifelong) process of pushing out of my comfort zone to share my story. In the meantime, I am passionate about helping others harness their inner wisdom. 

I love helping writers excavate the truth and motivating clients to set and achieve individual writing goals. I respect the intimacy of sharing a part of yourself through the written word. I want this to be a place you'll visit to be inspired and validated. Hopefully, you'll learn tips from my client success stories and ways to think about your memoir or novel in an unexpected way. Maybe you'll pick up a paintbrush and unleash your inner artist. Perhaps you'll be inspired by fresh mindfulness techniques that hold the key to unlocking your story. 

Like any spiritual practice, this is a work in progress. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and best practices for living an authentic life. 

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