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"How fortunate I’ve been to have Candace Coakley as a writing and publishing coach. I’ve been writing for years, yet Candace has been invaluable in guiding me to learn how to write a book specifically for publication. She provides the perfect balance of encouragement and clear corrective notes on all aspects of the writing, revision, and publication process.  She cares about her clients, which was apparent from the moment we met. She does all the backstage work as far as research, reading, and rereading, becoming familiar with all subject matters and related published pieces. I have grown so much as a writer while working with Candace.  


Candace has held my hand (virtually) when I’ve hit writer’s block. She cheers me on when I’m on a roll and gently guides me back to the drawing board throughout revisions. I cannot emphasize enough the value of working with Candace as a writing coach. I am grateful I had the good fortune of working with her early in the process." 

― Janet Zinn, LCSW, author, Life-Sized Courage: Live Powerfully as Yourself

"Candace turns writing into a science, so a scientist like me can learn to write. She meets you where you are, takes your hand, and walks you to the next level. Candace is a great mentor and encourages you to present a clear message in unique ways. As she’s always preaching “show, don’t tell,” I’m here to tell you that Candace will help your cream rise to the top without homogenizing the milk in the process."

― Melinda McCall, DMV, Owner of Louisa Veterinary Service,
author, Driving Home Naked: And Other Misadventures of a Country Veterinarian

“Simply put: I wouldn’t have a book had it not been for working with Candace. Full stop. The journey of where my project began and where my story has ultimately landed was expertly navigated by her honest guidance and expertise. As this is a book that captures my own story in the way of prescriptive non-fiction, it was crucial to have Candace serve as that unbiased voice to help me decide how to piece the puzzle together. She was both a true cheerleader AND a provider of tough love where it mattered most. My writing is certainly elevated for having worked with her and more importantly, I have much more confidence as a writer because of her.”

― Kim Miles, author,
Founder & CEO, Miles in Heels Productions 

“Coach. Mentor. Partner. These are words that come to mind when I think about Candace. She is one of the most responsive, thoughtful, and considerate professionals I have worked with in my career. She helped me turn the unruly first draft of my first novel into a finished manuscript I am proud of and excited to share with the world. Candace quickly got into the heads of my characters and the heart of what I was trying to say. She helped me trim my first draft by more than twenty-five percent while adding meaningful depth in all the right places: character development, sub-plots, “showing not telling” and sharper dialogue, among others. Candace not only helped me write a better book, she taught me how to be a better writer. I am now applying much of what I learned from Candace as I begin work on my second book. 

― Michael Maglulio, author, A Reason to Run

“Candace is a superb editor and teacher of good writing. Young and old can benefit from her attention to detail and focus on creating clear and persuasive prose. She edited my college admissions book and it really made a difference. She started me on a path which not only improved my work, but her insights made me a more thoughtful writer. In addition to assisting with proper grammar and syntax, she comments on organization and style to make one’s writing more readable. I highly recommend Candace Coakley for consulting on writing that will have consequence.”

― Charles Nolan, Ph.D., author, Like No Other: A Brief History of the

Admission Process of the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering 

“I wholeheartedly recommend Candace Coakley as a writing coach and editor. She started helping me with my nascent writing activities two years ago by providing a comprehensive developmental edit of my first-ever novel manuscript. She introduced me to techniques of which I had little knowledge. With calm precision, she walked me through a wide range of literary complexities. I admit there were times when I felt overwhelmed, but her continuous encouragement and pleasant demeanor combined with her superior knowledge, helped me complete my manuscript. I could not have done it without her. She is a true professional, an expert in the craft, and a superb writer in her own right. I will not hesitate to seek her assistance with my next novel.

― George Tymitz, author, Key Number 17: A Ukrainian Grandfather's Odyssey of Courage  

"As Candace's instructor in a competitive writing program, I had the pleasure of both reading her beautifully constructed prose and watching her give other writers precise, thoughtful, and useful feedback. Her editorial insight would be an asset to anyone's work.”

― Alex Marzano-Lesnevich, author, The Fact of a Body: A Murder & A Memoir
named one of the best books of the year by Entertainment Weekly, Audible.com, and others 

“Candace has been indispensable in my journey to learn both the craft and the industry as a first-time author. Her expertise runs the full spectrum from plot strategy, to editing, to query letters, to how to find an agent. I can’t recommend her strongly enough. Just don’t take too much of her time, because I need her for my next book."

― Ben Campbell, author, Nothing They Won't Do   

“I write plays, screenplays, and memoir. I wouldn’t think of putting anything out there before Candace works her magic. She is always my “first read” and a brilliant editor. She can distill any project into a pithy and attention-grabbing synopsis. In addition, her PR savvy enables her to write compelling copy for promotional materials. Candace has made my work deeper, clearer, richer, and she has a wicked sense of humor to boot.”

― Joanna Rush, author, actor, activist
Kick: It's Not How High, It's How Strong;
Sex & Power; 
JoJo & Joe

“Candace edited and consulted on my first book, helping me transform a jumble of journal entries and blog posts into a fluid prescriptive memoir. Throughout this three-year process, she offered editing insight that kept me on the literary rails while still honoring the charming quirks in my writing voice. Her excitement about this project kept me motivated and accountable when I felt tempted to throw my keyboard out the window.”

― Vanessa Linsey, author 
Metta Mom: A Guide to Managing Your Mood & Your Brood

“It can be tough working with us creatives. Good writing requires planning and structure. Non-linear thinkers often come across as messy and confused. Candace offers the practical, positive, and clear strategies necessary to take our work to the next level and truly seems to care about the work as much as the author. With the sensibility of an artist and the logic of an engineer, Candace has an innate love of the creative process that drives her to tease out a writer's authentic voice.”

― Larisa Dodge, freelance writer

“I came to Candace with a sprawling novel, conceived and executed without the benefit of a single creative writing class. She took on the task of educating me in structure, plot, character development, and voice. She read and re-read chapters, identifying the sections that worked and why, and suggesting improvements in the most encouraging way. She is a patient and enthusiastic teacher and editor."

― Liz M., author 

I've been a screenwriter for over twenty years but had no idea what to do with the manuscript for my first book. That is until I met Candace and her Mr. Miyagi-like guidance helped me Crane Kick the publishing world. Her advice and expertise helped me discover my true voice by showing me it's not just our abilities as a writer but the choices that we make that show who we really are.” 

Erik Lindsay, author, Catch Her in Capri;   
American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile; American Pie Presents: Beta House; 

“What’s impressed me most with Candace is her combination of insightfulness, clarity, and creativity. She helps make our message stronger without ever compromising on our organization’s mission.”

― Toni K. Troop, Director of Communications & Development, Jane Doe Inc.

“Candace is a seasoned industry pro who works tirelessly—and ingeniously—to promote my novels. From utilizing her contacts at local news outlets to writing press releases to organizing lavish launch events, Candace can and will do everything to make sure your project reaches its audience. I wouldn’t trust my books to anyone else.”

― Kim Savage, author, After the Woods, starred review Kirkus, Booklist;
 Beautiful Broken Girls, starred review Kirkus, Best of 2017; and In Her Skin

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