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How It Works

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Book coaching is a combination of encouragement, discussion, and editorial feedback. As your book coach, I work closely with you to help you achieve your writing goals.


I provide manuscript coaching and consultation for fiction and nonfiction projects, including novels, creative nonfiction, business books, memoirs, and personal essays. Whatever the genre, I specialize in helping writers tell their stories. And if publishing is the goal, I'll customize a step by step plan to bring your words--and work--to life.


I have been certified through Author Accelerator's Book Coach Certification Program. Please contact me to discuss custom rates or inquire about any of the packages below. 

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Book Coaching Packages & Rates

As your book coach, I can work with you at any stage of your project. Whether you have an idea or outline for a novel or several chapters of a memoir, or are stuck in the middle of your book, I'll help you get unstuck and on track to finish your project. I begin by reading an excerpt of what you’ve written and then schedule a conversation with you, either over the phone or video conference. Together, we’ll devise a plan that includes a schedule for assignments, feedback, and discussions on craft and revision. I’ll provide you with encouragement and accountability so that you can finish your book. 

Already have a full manuscript? I offer these services:  

Manuscript Assessment

A manuscript assessment is a big-picture assessment of your book and is a recommended first step. I provide a comprehensive editorial letter/reader’s report that addresses your book’s strengths and weaknesses, structure, plot development, characterization, dialogue, tone, clarity, cohesiveness, delivery, and style. I focus on the broad strokes and provide concrete ideas about how to improve your story. 

In my editorial letter, I offer guidance and tangible next steps for revision as well as constructive ways to improve a project’s marketability.

Rate: $5/page 

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is a thorough big-picture edit of your book that includes a written critique and extensive margin notes. I provide a full editorial assessment and detailed editorial letter that addresses the strengths and weaknesses of your book, any structural issues, its marketability, and everything in the manuscript assessment package above. In addition, I provide extensive feedback and suggestions through annotated notes in the margins of your manuscript including tangible solutions and coaching on craft.

Rate: $8/page  

Introductory Package

In an assessment of your first few chapters (up to 50 pages) of your manuscript, I help refine your vision for your novel, memoir, or business book. I review story elements, summarize strengths, and identify areas for improvement in a feedback letter. I’ll make recommendations for next steps and offer a clear plan for the next steps to achieve your goals. Together, we will review my editorial feedback via a 45-minute phone or virtual meeting. This is a great way to get started if you're not sure which package is right for you. 

Rate: $300


Request More Information

Not sure which service is right for you? Book a free consult and we can figure it out together. 

I look forward to discussing your project.

I understand that not everyone is able to pay the industry standard rates for book and essay coaching. Championing diverse writers and underserved populations is an important part of my mission. I offer customized packages for individuals in need.

Please reach out to discuss options. I love supporting writers!