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I look forward to hearing your story and helping magnify its impact through your book.   

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I can help you achieve your writing and publishing goals at any stage of the process. 

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Creativity Ricochets

Creativity comes from anywhere and everywhere. As a writer and artist, I find many of my ideas in abstract ways. In fact, I found a creative solution for the home page of my website in an abstract painting. I didn't want to use stock photos of coffee and computers so I chose one of my favorite paintings by one of my favorite artists, my Mom.

I am so proud of my mother's passion for art. She took up painting later in life and has built an amazing portfolio of work. I am honored that she attributes her artistic inspiration to the summer I returned home from studying art in Florence. She later told me the moment she saw my paintings, she knew that she would also pursue her dream. I love that creativity ricochets back and forth through generations.

I am deeply inspired by her dedication to her craft. I was blown away when she gave me this painting. If we meet via Zoom, you'll see it in my office.

Pop & Spin by Katherine Coakley

Acrylic on canvas, 36'x36'

To see more of my mom's original artwork, check out her gallery at


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